Why just the ring?

Why just the ring?

Please take back all the memories, the good and the bad.
The pain. The times when you were sad.

The times when you stood by me and the times when you didn’t.
The times when I stood by you and the times i didn’t.

The fun we never had and the fun you miss now.
All the times I tried, and how.

The laughter, the dreams, the love, the fights, the time that we shared and the time we were supposed to.
All the things that you wanted, and all the things I wanted for you.

The ring is still in it’s place. I have jumped in the sea.
Fish it out, please feel free.

Please take it all. Please take it all.
I have gills to breathe now.


One thought on “Why just the ring?

  1. Arcopol July 12, 2011 at 10:25 am Reply

    Shubhashish, this is beautiful. (Tragic, if what you've written is true.)

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