I wanted to call you last night..

I wanted to call you last night..
Thought I would share my plight.
Why you, I swear, I don’t know
But I think of you when I am low

What’s the plight I don’t show
But, I am used to you, you know
In an instinct I picked up the phone
broke-down. Yes, I am prone

Mustered up, dialed your number
Maybe I was coming out of my slumber
and that’s when my hands froze
Soulless I am, like this song without a prose

I stayed put losing time and losing mind
Putting myself through the grind
Couldn’t sleep, I picked up my guitar
Sang, ‘The door to my heart is ajar’

All I know is that I sang like a crow
Hiding what I feel, trying not the show
Even the guilt slowly gave up on me
Its time to come to terms with my destiny.


One thought on “I wanted to call you last night..

  1. Nilay March 31, 2012 at 4:41 pm Reply

    Nice one Shubhashish.

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