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The vicious circle

It was like a closely guarded secret
Never to be spoken of again to anyone
The door was locked, unconquerable
The key was at the bottom of the ocean
The smile was stern and eyes were dry
The body uptight, the attitude was fake
The encryption brought sweat to faces
As he looked wayward, afar and truant
It was just then she walked in breezily
Unexpected, she caught him off-guard
He stumbled to understand the storm
She had unlocked the door with a smile
Weeks that followed were a mad-rush
Mind wavered and the heart faltered
Eyes got back its depth, searching her
His smile was wide to accommodate her
Then she vanished, left him wondering
The smile is now hollow, eyes searching.

Move over Rumi, it is time for Roomie.

Travel brings power and backache into your life. – Roomie.
Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself and you shall crap loads in the morning. – Roomie.
Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and wash the clothes – Roomie.
Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious Be a Delhiite – Roomie.
Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. But do check interest rates. Else the banks will screw you over. – Roomie.
When I am with you, we stay up all night. When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep. Oh electricity, I hate you – Roomie.
You were born with wings, but now prefer to crawl through life. Wish petrol was still cheaper. ― Roomie.
What you seek is seeking you. The tax-collector. ― Roomie.
If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished? B-Tex. – Roomie.
Out beyond ideas of chaney and bajre ke khet there is a well. I’ll meet you there. – Roomie.
You might keep on waiting for the perfect moment to say those three words. But remember, your cellphone network will act up then. – Roomie.
It may take a lifetime to find true love. But to find the true roommate. Never. – Roomie.
Light enters the exact place your heart was wounded in. Relax, its Chintu with his laser from the next building. – Roomie.
Its a cruel world. The rent for apartments must be repaid in love. – Roomie.
Love should be shared. Just like a cigarette. – Roomie.

This is as vague and crappy as I can get

Why I want to be noticed I don’t really know.
Its a prophecy nothing extraordinary in me,
I still try and grin like a fool clenching teeth
My aspirations are as inane as my own self
I hope there is someone to call on my bluff?

Think night and day what is it that I seek?
I do have an answer but its not what I want,
Turning a blind eye to realities around me.
Its not the destiny if its not in my hands, right?
What’s in my hands are sands of the past.

And I ignore the messages this life throws at me.
The deal I had with the powers I don’t believe in.
Maybe your lord will have mercy on me one day
Let me pass away as calmly  as I came this way
Till then let me suffer and suffer with me, you.


You leave me numb as always
I am smiling, or grinning, may be.

I don’t know what to make out of it
The world with words and no words.

Take the step, be a stranger no more
Blush, go pink, unbreak, make it one.

There is something that binds us
And I hope that it’s enough.


Its been long since I wrote a poem
Funny, because I have never written one.
There was no reason for me to write again
Yes, I was looking in the wrong direction.

I am happy as I could have ever been
Although, inhibitions had to be shunned.
These lines as always make no rhyme
But then, I also give them no reason.

I have never been the river or the sea
Yet, for no reason I just let myself drown
I may like what we have between us
Sure, I am not looking how long it will go on.



You are spineless, aimless and yet so effortless.
You have a glass half empty, yet so plentiful.

I am heartless, shameless and yet so penniless.
I have a thorn in my throat, yet not scornful.

You are speechless, feet-less and yet so fearless.
You have a face to stare-at yet so mournful.

I am guileless, mindless and yet so smirk-less.
I have an entire universe in my heart yet no force pull.

Par maine kab kahaa ki main shayar hoon?

Tumhari tarah shabd toh nahi hain mere pass
Bas ek dil hai, joh kabhi-kabhi bol uthta hai
Tumhari tarah tootey huye sapne bhi nahi hai
Bas kuch yaadein hain, jo kabhi-kabhi ro deti hain
Par maine kab kahaa ki main shayar hoon?

Yahaan par toh sunnewale bhi taaliyaan nahi bajate
Bas char deewaarien hain, jinme mere shabd joongte hain
Tumhari tarah dard bhari kahaani bhi nahee mere paas
Bas kuch khwaab hain, jinhe theek se piroya bhi nahee
Par maine kab kaha ki main shaayar hoon?

Dil ko syahi banane waalon mein se main nahee
Bas khoon ki kuch boondon se yaadein seench rakhi hain
Zindagi ka zeher sirf tumhare hi liye kadva ho jata hoga
Mere toh shabd bhi zamzam aur bhaavnaayein bhi
keh toh raha hoon tum se, sab se, kab se,
Ke maine kab kahaa ki main shayar hoon?

But then I had to ruin it

Anyway its not that everyday I find you
Fought demons, for that perfect brew
Looked all over to find a friend like you
To say anything without feeling blue
Yet, I am what I am. I had to ruin it.

I could say what I felt, and even flirt
My heart bounced back from the dirt
Life ached and again raced for rebirth
But I stammered. This wasn’t King’s Speech
And I wasn’t Colin Firth.
But then I had to ruin it.

I can see this is some kind of an illusion
The one faked by love and yet is gruesome
My puffed eyes and a throat with a lump
I want you to feel what I felt but only some
Yet I am what I am. Anyway, I had to ruin it.

I think I told you

I think I told you
What it is to be without you.
I think I told you
What you are — morning hues.

I think I told you
That you add reds to my blues.
I think I told you
Why I still don’t have a clue.

I think I told you
About the dreams, how they flew.
I think I told you
Some lies and maybe some trues.

I think I told you
What it is to be without you.
I think I told you
What you are — my morning hues. 

I could feel a twitch in my nose

I could feel a twitch in my nose
They say love is in the air.
I could feel the music in her prose.
They say its her charm and flair.

I could feel the spearing black hole
They say I have fallen prey.
I could feel the love overdose
They say its the love spray.

I could feel it flowing from the hose
They say don’t fret, its all gray.
I could see the need to reach a truce
When I saw your heart on the tray.

I could ask them “But what’s love?”
They just smiled but didn’t spare.
I could be the fantasy or your muse
They say its love and you must share.

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