This is as vague and crappy as I can get

Why I want to be noticed I don’t really know.
Its a prophecy nothing extraordinary in me,
I still try and grin like a fool clenching teeth
My aspirations are as inane as my own self
I hope there is someone to call on my bluff?

Think night and day what is it that I seek?
I do have an answer but its not what I want,
Turning a blind eye to realities around me.
Its not the destiny if its not in my hands, right?
What’s in my hands are sands of the past.

And I ignore the messages this life throws at me.
The deal I had with the powers I don’t believe in.
Maybe your lord will have mercy on me one day
Let me pass away as calmly  as I came this way
Till then let me suffer and suffer with me, you.


One thought on “This is as vague and crappy as I can get

  1. Annah December 23, 2012 at 3:51 am Reply

    A very fresh and candid post 🙂

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