Its Time We Get Our Act Together

Actions turn unbelievable  moment the cover of subtlety is blown.

With the New Yorker interview the most public secret of the Indian media is out. Money buys editorial and that is the way its going to be. But its time we stop playing puppets in the hands of anyone and everyone who throws money towards us.

I am not the Oracle but if this is the highway we have chosen then its clear that the bird in the hands and the one in the bush, both, will fly away. The goose mustn’t be killed for the golden eggs is an important lesson.

At this time we have forgotten these for quick gains.

I have just two points to make.

First is regarding the Robert Vadra-DLF saga.

The story was published in The Economic Times in 2011. What a public listed company does with its money is a cause of concern for its investors. If DLF gave money for free to Robert Vadra then its a corporate governance issue. If the shareholders of DLF did not raise the question till date I don’t see a point why Arvind Kejriwal should.

The media did not follow-up the story back then and the investors paid no attention. Because Kejriwal now drums up the issue and everyone in the business and general news runs after DLF, is purely acting like puppets in the hands of politicians like the chief of India Against Corruption.

This needs to stop.

Another example is the Coalgate scam.

Every single question when any journalist met companies which were in cement, power, metals space, etc were regarding the raw material (coal, iron ore, etc) allocation.

It was the Central Government policy to allot coal blocks to companies and every company tried to get some. It was policy. Stories were written and cheers rippled through the stocks on the Dalal Street the moment a company got the much needed allocation.

No question regarding the policy was asked back then. Why now? Because CAG puts it as a loss?

Was it very difficult to assess back then that every single coal block being allocated to private companies means a loss to the state?

It was two plus two back then but the media played by the rules of the policy.

These arguments may be naive and too simplistic for the better good of the complex politics but that is exactly what all this is: politics.

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