How Happy I am

How happy I am
now that it has rained
Its all so green
drenched clean
the roads are wider
the girls look prettier
the rum more inviting
the pick up more exciting

but no matter how happy I am now
I miss the times I was sad
I miss the pain
the self inflicted suffering
the feeling of being nothing
and a nobody
i miss feeling low
i miss being the fool
i miss the names you called me
I miss the times I was with you

the pain is gone, you are too
i know i could’ve taken some more
and then some,
you must’ve had a reason
you called me the devil
the tears are there
but i don’t cry
my eyes don’t need cleansing
neither does my soul.
i should be happy
with so much peace of mind
wider roads
prettier girls
so why do i miss you
and why is life saying
fuck you?

Written by Shubhashish and Manisha Lakhe.


One thought on “How Happy I am

  1. Shakti_Shetty July 5, 2011 at 4:22 pm Reply

    Nice flow…

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