“I want to be wrong, too.”

I have heard it all along. Throughout the time. Day and night.

And I gave in every time. Battling my past. Fighting my future and compromising with my present.

Your fragile self that never existed, that temper that was forced out of you.

Your wishes that never saw the day light. And your luxuries that remained dreams unfulfilled, promised otherwise.

Yes, you understood me fully. I was a mirror of your own self.

When you looked deep in me, all you saw was yourself. How you hated yourself. How you loved yourself.

And with the mission to change me for a better life, all you tried was to change yourself.

I was your mirror.

Its broken. The dream, the sleep, the dawn and the mirror.

For, I have failed to be what you wanted me to.

The mirror in me that you never saw and believed that it was me. All along.

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