Beijing Lafalympics

Olympics are around the corner and a whole new controversy has erected in wake of the Tibetan protests against the Chinese. Now I am not a very big fan of China, actually speaking not even an ounce let alone the word ‘big’, but this post is not about China bashing which I don’t to indulge openly in but a few valid points according to me, I would like to make.

First, the Olympics are not just games but a holy ritual to protect human identity, moral ethics and safeguarding the rights of every human being alive and dead. Olympics are the soul to the word Sport and a true spirit of being a human supersedes everything else when it comes to the holy games. Now China, touted as the next super-power, given the liberty if we, Indians, let them maintain the lead which I am sure we will not is caught on the wrong side of the pendulum as always. Be it the massacre at Tienanmen square or not letting its citizen know what happening around the world. I mean, I really can’t understand what problem the Chinese authorities have with the world?
Except smuggling cheap and imitated mobile phones of the best brands in the world, I can’t recollect even a single thing they have done good for anyone! I honestly salute Steven Spielberg and Baichung Bhutia for supporting the Tibetan cause. However, I see a reason for us Indians refusing the games this time. There is only one sport in the entire history of India which won us medals with true honour and dignity – Hockey. Now with India performing poorly in the qualifiers, We know that we are good for nothing and this way we might render sympathy of a few and might as well clear our name from the firing line for not getting a medal. Use Hockey for our own good 😉
According to me, the whole of India should boycott the games and then claim the success of other countries to ourselves as it would be because of our backing out that others were able to earn the medals. Ponder.

The second point I would want to make is that of the free will of a country so beautiful and complete that the monks of Tibet actually sell their Ferrari. They are a free country and China is big brother of the East has no right to muscle its way into the country’s political and religious sentiments. In 1959, if my stats are correct, China has signed on the dotted line saying that it will not interfere in the religious and political outlook of Tibet. Then why now? Why all the hype and hoopla about? This is exactly what the Tibetans are asking for, the promise made to be honoured and this is exactly what the Chinese are forgetting. Anyone, please ask them the question why? WHY?

Third and the last point, I urge to the entire world to stand-up against the wrongs and the killings of the innocent taking place in Tibet by the Chinese. Rise to the occasion as we all know what is happening behind the closed doors and take charge of the situation. We all talk about making this world a better place to live-in, so lets begin by boycotting the games completely and rob India’s only chance of throwing the medals away for its fake Olympian glory.

Let us all say in one voice – FREE TIBET, NO OLYMPICS and with all the butt of jokes surrounding China at this moment, more than Olympics, its Lafalympics!

Please log on to and register your support for Tibet.

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