The corelation between stock market and Cricket!

Actually speaking, I did not want to write this particular blog but as you know that I have quit my job (if you don’t then read the earlier post!) and have no work whatsoever to do. Kids in their summer vacation are busier than me as they have some holiday homework to do, but me? Nope. Work was worship, now its just a burden and I am happy to off-load it for some time. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that the word ‘quit’ will be music to my ears!!

Anyways, my empty head hasn’t become the devil’s workshop as yet but if it goes with the current Mach 4 speed, you bet that my next post will be as wild as a wild bear and as off-track as Indian railways. And its coming soon.

Stocks and Cricket – any similarities? Well, I realised today, yes. Anyhow the similarities are too far fetched and useless but there are a few! To begin with, both in relation to India cannot be judged. Its like the weather bureau of India. “It ll be sunny outside with maximum humidity touching 78% and no sign of rain.” Actually? Its a hailstorm outside, 98% humid and Sun hides like an Indian old fashioned bride in front of her in-laws. All the assumptions and predictions about Indian stock market and Indian Cricket has to go wrong. Its like an unwritten rule. Section 78 (B) clause 58.4: No matter how positive the game and stocks look, must nosedive is predict to move up and vice-verse.

Its been four magnificent long years since the Indian bull run begun and after an year of me actually studying the market thought of starting with baby steps into investing the markets crashed and the US went into possible recession. Just a day into my investment beginning, dammit, what a strike. You bet if compared to Football, Ronaldo will shy away by the accuracy of the u-turn. Anyways, suddenly out of the blue everyone has started to talk about recession, sub prime crisis and Mr Bernanke is about to be hanged by the neck and Indian investors may follow suit and they blindly ape the west. I hope someone predicts that the markets will continue to crash and just to prove the man wrong they rebound miraculously and leave everyone puzzled like always! Amen.

Now, Cricket. Who could have possibly thought that after putting such a show at the fist test match, India will be bowled out for 76. I mean 76 in just 20 overs, 120 balls flat. A true lazy ass, I woke up at 10 and switched the TV at 12 to see India bat just to be told that we have been all-out for 76. Imagine a week prior, when Sehwag made a world record of maximum runs in a single day, 257, and the test match grossed over 1500 runs. 76. just 76. FCUK. Anymore predictions anyone? Come one take a wild guess as who knows India might just do the opposite? What? Of course they will. They are notorious for that. Cricket or no Cricket, they will prove us wrong every time. Be it winning a tournaments being underdogs of the highest order or losing a match against substituted 11 of Bangladesh.

May Gods grace be upon Stock market and Cricket. I don’t have any short positions in Cricket but stocks, yes. I guess, from now on one has to look at Cricket to predict the markets as the basic fundamental of functioning for both of them is merging at a rapid force!! Ponder.

2 thoughts on “The corelation between stock market and Cricket!

  1. Dinesh April 4, 2008 at 8:56 am Reply

    Nice post dude.. Both of them are really very unpredictable..

  2. Anonymous December 14, 2010 at 9:25 pm Reply

    Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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