Before I quit my job!

Its a strange feeling I must admit when you decide to quit. I mean, no more job, no security, no money… its just you and your ‘back to beggars’ instinct! Imagine a life like nomads, yes! that is what best describes when you quit your job without a new one at hand. And the pleasure your derive after you sign your resignation letter bypasses even the happiness of an over-night superstar signing his first autograph!

Dying to experience this extra ordinary feeling, I have decided to call it quits and boy! I can feel butterflies in my tummies already fluttering in anticipation of a new life waiting to kick me in the ass. All our lives, from school to homes, only one thing has been drilled in our minds, study hard to get a good job, secure your future and blah blah… Eventually everyone does that sooner or later but in the process we fail to experience the thrill attached when you quit your job without any security. The feeling is just like sky diving with no strings attached. Read the conversation between a boss and a junior who is quiting:

Junior (tensed): Boss, can we speak for a minute?
Boss (already sensing the bomb waiting to be exploded): uh, yeah temme.
J (heart-beat pounding): I, i, i.. i mean.. I…
B (suspicious now): Just relax, anything wrong? Any problems?
J (sweating by now): I wanna quit, right now!
B: oh! but why?
J (relived as if peed after 3 days): Just… I don’t feel like working anymore. Please let me go.
B: okay.. as you wish.

Pretty short convo and voila mission accomplished! But the adrenaline rush you ll get after this 45 second dialogue will be the best thrills of your lives. Those of you who have done this will agree with me and those who haven’t, please go and quit your jobs now!

One thought on “Before I quit my job!

  1. Memoirs March 30, 2008 at 7:44 pm Reply

    Ummm i completely agree coz had this feelin whn i quit my first job and it was bliss post that… experience was gr8 bt the convo wasnt as short as u described it…

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