We Indians have an amazing knack of turning deaf to issues suddenly. It is like turning on the lights or turning off, in a snap, just like that, click, kaboom, puff and gone! And we may be scaling new heights everyday in people might say and defend the fact that we are a hardworking lot and intelligent then rest of the world but whenever the talk of productivity comes, we all turn deaf ears, in a flash. “huh, product what?” this is the most common response to the topic of maximizing work.

Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, I wonder how do we actually manage that given the magnum options of holidays we have at our hands ever month! I purposely did not mention ‘year’ as I am sure that half of the world might faint looking at the numbers! The entire bunch of holidays they get in their lifetime, we get per year.

Its Holi time and Gawd arent we happy? More than the festival, we, Indians are happy for the fact that three holidays have come together and we can enjoy an over extended weekend. From Thursday to Sunday, its like Christmas for the western world! Holidays holidays and more holidays! What is more amusing that after such a long hiatus we still will say on Monday morning, “God, I dont like to work on Mondays… these Monday morning blues.”

Gosh, do we ever like to work? Ever? I think a bigger mystery than solving the complexities of the details of 123 nuclear deal or the Ram Setu row is how we Indians manage to grow our GDP by around 9 percent year after year when we have a millions distractions to our work. 370 days in a year our team alone is playing International Cricket and boy, its ok if we lose our job but missing a Cricket match is surely a strict taboo! No matter what,we cant do that.

I am sure in the coming times, some uselessly employed Indian will definitely file a PIL in the Supreme Court saying to put a ban on all the work happening in India as it distracts us from taking the holidays we are entitled to and hinders us from watching the Cricket! Loss of productivity will be due to working at office and the productivity is the ability to take offs and watching Cricket.

PS: I love Holi, have nothing against it and even used to celebrate till two years back. So, please dont plot to kill me that i wrote against the concept of so many holidays!!

One thought on “HOLI DAY!!!!!

  1. Khushman March 24, 2008 at 10:32 am Reply

    Nice blog, dude !! I totally agree with you on the above posting. We do get way too many holidays, but still can’t seem to get enough of them, and work treated with the utmost disdain (atleast in my personal experience).

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