India does it again!

Well, what reaches the apex, comes down too! The Indian cricket team’s moment to create history in Down Under has been damaged without batting an eyelid. They lost and how! The match is still on but we are nine down for a paltry 159 and the question arises is whether we ll be able to reach our previous inning’s score of 196 or no? Oh Gosh! they are all out for 161!!

We have done it again!

One of the biggest flaws in this Indian team is the pace attack. I mean, you cannot afford to go to Australia with pacers who can’t bowl a tad more than 135 km/hr. I think this is the slowest bowled by Brett Lee. Anil Kumble can bowl faster than that I bet. So what is the problem with this team? After two stupendous series it is back to square one. Null, zero, blob, full-moon and million more adjectives to their names.

Harbhajan Singh, in an interview in yesterdays paper said that this target is gettable and we ll do it! Well, not impressive with the bowl and lets just forget how he gave away his wicket to the Aussies on the Indian Kebab platter.

The game is over and the post match analysis is underway. But for what? Analysis of what? Its out of my comprehension.

We are a bunch of guys who amidst themselves are the strongest team and individuals and stats to beat the world, but, in reality, we are just overrated flock of birds who fly at the slightest hint of fight.

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