New Year resolutions – the inside story

Its that time of the year when we all are making new year resolutions, and just like the previous year will forget by the first week of Jan what exactly were the promises made. And if, by any slightest of chances we do remember the resolutions, that means that we werent sloshed this time like the last one!

New Year resolutions are like the annual reports of the companies. This year this is what we did and this is what we are going to do… both, the companies and we, fail to live up on the promises. 2007 has been the worst year of my life and i wish that this hold true for the rest of my life. I cant stand another 2007 or worse. So my first New Year resolutions is that I ll try that something like this year never repeats again in my life. Most of it isn’t in my hands but then, my fate is in my hands. So, i ll try.

Another resolution for me is coming from 800×600 to 1024×768! This means that I ll try my best to buy a sexy, sleak, and useful laptop this year.

Many of you will be thinking that i am creating a wish-list rather than resolutions. A good arguement but i ll let it pass. You see, i am not interested in listening to something that i dont approve of! Oblivion the right choice when your interests are in question!

I cant make resolutions like i ll try to be a better person and blah blah… You cant change or amend what is already perfected! Honestly, to me, the whole concept of new year and new year resolutions is a farce. i dont believe in any of them. It is just a date change like any other day in the last 365 days. The celebrations are meaningless, the hype is useless and in the end, we are stranded penniless!

So guys! yes its new year time! enjoy if you want to but remember the simple fact which is happenin for the past many years and will keep happening till eternity! Just a date change wont bring any difference anywhere.

All my resolutions – the dustbin is the place for you! and all the celebrations – i have no time for you! (although I am celebrating this year!)

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