Benazir’s death, Pakistan’s loss, India nervous!

The death of Benazir Bhutto has come as a shocker to all of us, I am sure. Pakistan is back to square one and on the verge of a complete collapse. It is interesting to note that every time the country is close to getting back on the right track, something or the other crops up and Pakistan goes back to where it all began.

President Musharraf, in my opinion will be a happy man today. His one of the biggest threats is just been assassinated. The blame is on the Al-Qaida, but, to me, the political motives were clear behind the deed.

If we see at India, the situation is not very favourable as the elections in Pakistan were nearing and the restoration of democracy there was of one of the primary concerns for India as the bilateral ties between the two nations were dependent heavily on them. Now, after the dirty game of politics, India, is looking at their neighbour all the more closely because whatever happens on the other side of the fence, we, in India, too, face the repercussions.

Some people are saying that Pakistan’s days are numbered. But, I ll say, the game is not over until its over!

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