Mayor Shubha Raul’s absurdity!

Okay! i am back after a long hiatus, if I may call it that way… I was trying to get myself back on to make this blog like a mouth-piece of my thoughts rather than something very personal to me…

What prompted me to begin again? Today’s cover story in Mumbai Mirror…. Mayor, Shubha Raul throwing in the idea of having a ‘no-car’ day sometime in January. The idea sounds pretty decent and given the fact that many countries do practice these innovative ways for different reasons is a good observation by the Mayor. But, what made to have a hearty, cynical and a sarcastic laugh to start off my day was Mayor’s urge to use the public transport to commute on that day!

I would like to ask the respected Mayor, that, first of all, after your first ‘media-savvy’ commute in the local train to one of the western suburb a few weeks ago still afresh in your memory? I think not, and, if it is then I think no one except you and your body-guards were travelling in that second class ladies compartment.

A week ago people in Virar agitated about the worsened conditions of commuters in the local trains and to top it all you are asking people to use public transport for that day. I mean, come on, get a life. Just think that if this is the situation at present, then observing a ‘no-car’ will create a ruckus and paralyse the already puntured public transport system of Mumbai. The buses are overcrowded, the drivers stop the buses on the stops according to their free will and the trains are heavily crowded and always behind schedule especially on the habour and central lines.

What was the thought dear Mayor that came to your brillinat brain that you thought of observing a ‘no-car’ day in Mumbai? First of all, make the living condition of the people of your dear city atleast average and then bring these amazing ideasborrowed from other countries to Mumbai.

Even in your wildest dreams can you imagine that if all the people in Mumbai on that ill-fated day will lock their cars for public transport, a greater tsunami will hit us – a tsunami of people choking the transport. Everyday morning all the roads in Mumbai are jammed and it takes minimum an hour to reach the destination which otherwise, is just 15 minutes away.

Mayor, please think with a sane mind before implementing any such decisions in this city. Remember, this is Mumbai not Shanghai.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Shubha Raul’s absurdity!

  1. mihir June 24, 2009 at 8:39 am Reply

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