My life, nothin but you

My life is nothing but memories of you

Loved, cared, and stitched with a thread of warmth,

Your heart oozes out.

Sewn with your thoughts

My heart knows nothing but you

My mistakes, errors all just too much to forgive

My life has colors

Noting less than spectacular

With colors as beautiful as you

Painted Red, with nothing less but you.

My aim and life was close to each other

My aim was you and my life was you.

Looking back now, I feel with ribbons of your love

I might hold them together

You were my dream

A beautiful one, envy for others

You, only you, nothing else but you

My dream…

From morning to dusk

This world to death

From laughter to tears

Sorrow to happiness

I see nothing else but you…

Your love is my treasure

Caged in my heart

Eternity, come and go

I am alive because of your love

— Shubh

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