so the time has come. finally

Yes, its done. Over. Dead. The most beautiful thing happened to me is no more. I never expected it to be flowery every day. I knew there will be moments where I would want to suicide, thrash someone out of anger, shout, scream, yell and dont kn what not.

But I never thought that it would be over. It is now. I m upset not because its over. Yes, its true. I m upset about the fact that after two years I couldnt prove to you that I loved you. I couldnt make you understand that my heart beats because of the smile I see on your lovely face. I failed at making you blush when someone said my name in front of you.

I lost at every juncture and I know that. Today I am sure that this is the best thing for us. You dont love me and I dont want you to be claustrophobic. Its a new beginning for us. Wish you a beautiful life ahead and hope that the new guy gives you whatever I couldnt. I wish you never think of me again. I wish you get over the nightmare I gave you. I wish a lovely life for you where tears have place only when happiness is around.

Finally the good thing is that we have something to mutually agree upon. The bad thing is that its the decision to part ways.

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