When Mumbai’s skyline changed forever

I was no different from any common Indian. Now, I am. Being at ground zero and experiencing all that we all “know” by now makes hell of a difference. We all have de-sensitised ourselves so much that any terror attack of suicide bombing is like any other common occurence if our life, which has no meaning; just an incident, untoward happening which we cannot avert but can turn a blind eye to. Thursday morning was no different. There were no other talks but the terror attack and amidst all the hoopla were some scathing jokes on the entire issue. Until, we came to know that we could go there and get some stories out. I never thought that the following day could change my life, forever. Looking at armymen, ready for their duty and knowing that some of them might not return put me to shame. What exactly was the purpose for their lives? Dying for someone they didnot even know? Or worse, dying for some elite businessmen who wouldnt care less for the country but make money? I saw them laughing and trying to make the moment little light. The air was heavy and they were all calm, knowing what was coming. I am not writing a first person account as many have done that already but would just want to rant. Films take inspiration from real life, but trust me guys what I saw yesterday, no film has even come 10% close to reality. Films always tend to over or underplay the subject. What i saw was just plain business. A business with real emotions and fear. I spoke to one Jawan and asked him, “How much more time?” “A day more,” he said. I counter questioned, “Why a day more? Dont you think its too long?” He replied smilingly, “With our each step forward, lot of lives will change forever, we have to think at least 10 times before moving ahead.” I was numb. Speechless and spellbound I stood as his words hit me and continue to hit me even now. Just three days ago a friend from London called and asked about the train blasts. I was surprised when she said, “Shubh, I want to ask you something personal. I hope yoi won get disturbed and if you feel like you dont want to answer please tell me and I will stop.” I was zapped thinking what is she going to ask?” She asked about the train blasts. Arent we de-sensitised? Yes we are. I laughed at her thinking how stupid? “Why will I get disturbed coz of that?” Now, I do coz today I have understood what those blasts did to my city. And today I understand what this terror attack has done.

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