Once added (Jodha Akbar)

The storms around JA is refusing to die down and the new ones are erupting everyday. I wish the Barren Island was like the Hindi film industry and erupted every now and then. Atleast, we in India, too would have had something to cheer about! However, Indians are very proud and egoistic breed. They just cant digest the fact that we in India dont have a live volcano, so here we have volcanic-like eruptions on Hindi films. Its written in history books that Akbar married a Hindu princess. So what is the debate all about? What wrong did Ashutosh Gowarikar do? Oh yes! I got it, he showed the couple’s romance on screen, that too a 3 hour and 40 minute long saga. Indians are very shy of the ‘love-shove’ and refrain from the topic. Bang! stop the film.

“Akbar Jodha were husband and wife and let them be,” says an agitator. “Dont morally impair our younger generation by showing the love between the couple,” he further adds.

On the other hand, I dont think that these agitations should stop as they are bread and butter for a lot of us. Its a livelihood and favourite past time for the majority of the unemployed youth of my country who doesnt work or doesnt want to work. These rampages gives them the opportunities to ransack shops and fill their homes with food and TVs! A noble profession i must confess.

The agitation, as to other films, has done good to this otherwise average flick and I can see the time when we will have a separate and flourishing industry in agitation and rampages. Wonder what name will it be called and how much tax will the government impose on their ‘work’?

So, dear Finance Minister, please think of the future and announce some incentives and tax-sops for this industry which is in its nascent stage right now.

I hope many a youth, currently unemployed will find gainful employment in this industry and wreck our lives.

Once added, few hundred years ago, Jodha Akbar cant separate, but we will add fuel to illogical controversy and pledge to rewrite the history!

Long live Indians and treachery.


One thought on “Once added (Jodha Akbar)

  1. Sammy February 26, 2008 at 11:17 am Reply

    Well its bollywood….u cant expect nethn better….iv gotten used to these controversies aftr every gud movie…so d next time a thing lik this happens matlab d movie is gona b gud..

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