Will he budge, or won’t he?

ladies and gentlemen! Its showtime! The most anticipated moment in India’s yearly history has arrived! No, this isn’t about the Miss India contest but the Annual budget. P Chindambaram is all set to unleash a new fury of taxes on us. I wonder will he think of the hovering elections this time and pay some mercy (read: taxes) on us.

Actually, is there any thing left in India which is not highly taxable? Come on, we can have a quick sneak peak as he cant include that still-lucky-enough-to-be untaxed item into his taxable list at such a short notice! Oh yes! I got one! The taxes themselves! They are’nt taxed as yet.

Be ready, because if nothing else, then this budget might see a new dawn in the history of taxation and Chidambaram will impose 13% taxes on our total tax payments including the extra tax on the already high service and value-added tax.

God’s grace be upon us.


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