When opposites are attracted, Musharraf is distracted

After a long hiatus, Pakistan finally woke up to a new day. It wouldnt be wrong if we say that the country has got a new lease of life. Or is it too early for the statement? Whichever way the tables turn, things wont get better in Pakistan. A spoilt brat has a stage to be corrected after which it is doomed for life. And Pakistan has entered the doom stage. After more than 50 years of independence, the country is still plagued by issues like the military rule and the installation of democracy, with its economy crumbling, its not long before we will witness a great fall of a not-so-great nation. From military rule to supporting terrorism, Pakistan has favoured everything the world has opposed and now they are beginning to reap what they sowed.
I somehow feel that the most memorable events in Musharrafs life would be when he came to India for the Agra summit and fulfilled the wish of his wife, like every others, to visit the Taj Mahal! Otherwise this wouldnt have been possible and overthrowing Nawaz Sharif could be triggered by his wife’s constant nagging for a visit to the monument of love! Of all the time he spent as the dictator and now as a dictator-in-disguise, the visit to Agra was his most memorable.
I believe Musharraf is a far-sighted man as from the airplane he was in during his arrest drama a few years ago, he managed to see the chain of events taking place in Pakistan against him and played his cards to offering to buy his ancestral home in India during his visit. He knew that one day he will be thrown out of his own country like he pushed Sharif out like many others. His fate was sealed that very day and he knew it. I appreciate the Indian government for not bowing th Musharraf and not handling him the property. Although we Indians are very famous for o ur friendly gestures to even our enemies, I wonder how that time we succumbed to sanity?

Anyways, it is turning out to be good for India and Pakistan at the moment and Pakistan is creating another milestone in history of the world. I dont think anyone h as ever seen two political parties, one sitting in Opposition in the parliament actually joined hands after the muckracking elections to form a coalition government! Imagine the election scene – trying to win a seat over other and at the end joining hands with the same party!

Well, anything is possible in Pakistan, anything. Future of Musharraf is sealed in the hands of Sharif and I dont think that he will forget what Mush did to him. Revenge is second name to Pakistan and a paki politican is worst than an Osama. May God’s grace be on Mush and he may exit soon.

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