Sunday bloody Sunday!

I know its an interesting headline for the blog and the explanation will follow below but first I would like to thank you all for actually reading my blog! THANK YOU! Especially Neil, Mansi*2 (Cant help both the girls share the same name!) for posting comments.

Neil, yes those were my lines, Mansi your suggestions are duly noted and my lil sis, honestly, I din think that much when I was writing about the flowers! But anyways! thanx a ton!!

Okay, so now is the time for todays literary masterpiece! (com’on I can brag, its my blog!!)

The headline as you all must be wondering, is inspired from the famous song of U2 by the same name. Relax, no massacre has taken place here :). Today was a Sunday and no other apt name occurred to me to make you guys read it… pardon me for the marketing bug. But nonetheless, today has been an eventful day. And for a change I ll try not to undermine myself.

Ramkatori, for long was asking for some attention and today was her day! I wont get into those details but will talk about something else.
You know we all talk about the life and death cycle. One who is born has to die one day, etc. I think these non-living things are so lucky… I mean they are dead anyways but still hold so much value to us. I remember the first day of my bike, Divya was the first one to sit behind me and on that very trip a cop stopped us for entering in a one-way! Quiet an event I must say. She is not there but my bike still is. And with it, remains millions of memories of all of us riding on it. So what it was a bike? It was still a part of the group and a very dear one. What is the life span of a vehicle? 4 years? 6 years? life span of a human? a lot more than that at least. So who gave you all the right to go so soon? Memories are all that are left and your presence is all that I need.
And now when I see it, the memories of you guys flash across my eyes. Each and every moment that we spent together is crystal clear in my heart. I cant help but sob. None of you here with me now but your memories are etched in my mind. My bike too, misses you guys. The picture says it all….
I know this blog did not lead anywhere… but sorry guys cant write anymore…
Gd nyt.

2 thoughts on “Sunday bloody Sunday!

  1. Garima Sood October 1, 2007 at 3:05 pm Reply

    Well said… Memories are all that are left and your presence is all that i need.Whenever i look down my memory lane, i remember a few faces who consisted an important part of my daily life. Some are gone and others are scattered. I guess thats a part of growing up. You have to face life. But I guess we all grew up too much, too soon. It hurts everytime I think of them all. I wish they were here, right now with us. And yet i hope that wherever they are, they are at peace.

  2. naveen October 2, 2007 at 5:29 pm Reply

    first of all give me the due credit for the pic u have put..or i will sue you..apart from that yes ur ramkatori needed attention i hve been tellin it to you for a long today u took her for a ride huh??(pun intended)…hmm dont sulk online man..its too personal to be told about online..even though we dont want it we will only get sympathies. you are right about one thing everyone shud just leave us alone..people are not worth trusting nemore..they will never be there wen u need them…they are just there to say big emotional speeches.everyone is just a fake.till the time they enjoy they will be with selfish have people become.they just look at their own needs and then blame it on fate,life etc..if sumone really wanted to do sumthin for us..better than giving sympathies they wud have stood by us in the present and faced life with us.shubh yaar koi use nahi hai blog pe ye sab bolke..apna KC best hai yaar.and garima thank you for watever happiness you have given to me thru times..widout knowin and widout me showing you were a very sweet frnd of mine.whom maybe i will forget.gud nyt

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