Please read the fine-print

Okay, so I have moved into Day 2 of blogging. Well, I must admit that it has been a great journey so far! 44 hits already (41 of those were by me :P) But then, I cant blame you guys… wait, why cant I? Yup, I do blame you guys! Just log on and waste some time to read this.
One more piece of important information – This is going to be a daily update (almost), so please visit atleast once a day to get something new.

Now, lets start with todays piece.

Have you ever observed an empty Vase? How does it look? Beautiful from the outside but surely incomplete. Just lying at a corner aimlessly waiting for someone to fill its life with colours and vibrance, love and smiles. But, on its own it cant really do much except just lying in the corner and pricking every eyeball it attracts. So, what exactly does the Vase wants? A few flowers to make our lives happier and bright? Thats it.

But have you ever thought of the flowers? Whether do they want to be in that Vase? They complement each other but they must like each other too.

I am like those flowers and the Vase is my life. Very important to complement, for survival, but then its a misfit.

3 thoughts on “Please read the fine-print

  1. maansee September 29, 2007 at 7:30 pm Reply

    tooo much negative about yourself…. learn to love yourself… rest will follow…

  2. honey September 30, 2007 at 7:05 pm Reply

    hey bro!!!!nice work n an interestin thgt cm to thnk of it if u look into a deeper meanin of these thngs thy say a lot abt a persons life lyk the empty vase could b sm1’s life waiting fr frnds n loved 1’s to fill it wth moments of joy the flower’s………. it is a beautifull thght tht frnd’s n the people who care abt u n love u actually mk the world a better place to live………. people gv u frnship repsntd by the yellow flower whch also signifies hapiness……. love represntd by red flower whch also signifies joy n passion……. peace repsntd by white flowers whch also signifies purity of thght n soul…… sacrifice represented by saffron flower……. so many people gv us so many flowers tht fill our lives…… the thng whch we mst thnk abt is wht we gv to thm whch flower r we do we even help a empty vase by filling it wth a flowe or r we the 1’s tht exude negative enegy n destroy the flowers in sm1’s vase…… thnk abt it……

  3. Far Rider October 1, 2007 at 8:28 am Reply


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