The Precursor

You know it has been a really long time since I wanted to gift myself a personal diary. I think the urge dates back to my childhood days but being a lazy bum, I never tried to. And, even now you can notice that I chose to hang on the “E” bandwagon rather than setting down with a pen and a paper. This is not good for a journalist, but then, times are changing. Now a keyboard is mightier than a Sword!
Okay, being my first post I will write something about myself (read: I am hopeful that the blog will get hits!). To some, I am an introvert and an extrovert to some. Few say that I have a good sense of humor and most disagree with that! I personally feel that it just about the time! If I am in ‘form’ then wit drips from my mouth like water from our leaking ceilings. But alas, like the monsoons, its seasonal. To some I come across as a quiet and subdued character and to some I may be the loudest guy around. Well, to sum it up, I suffer from dual-personality! A guy who is fun-loving, happy and at the same time a guy who is just enough to get bored with.
But one thing is for sure, as you delve deeper into my thoughts, you will understand the magnitude of wastage of your precious time! I think this is one of the prime reasons why a few people in my life deserted me. They knew that I am persistent, hence, went to a place where even my persistence will be scared to go.
Guys, I wanted to ask you a question. Wouldn’t making me understand that I am ‘no great guy’ but a loser a better option rather than just leaving me? Just think about it. Can answer? I will be waiting!

One thought on “The Precursor

  1. Neil September 29, 2007 at 10:49 am Reply

    Im sure theres a loTT more to you…I even liked the line: Keyboard is mightier than a Sword. (if its yr line) I think you write weLL. Pen / Keyboard are just yr tOOls. neil dantas~ (The Doers)

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