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The Optimistic Jungle

Even the scars may heal,
Or heart may dry up.
Red may turn into teal,
Yet, I will fuck up.
No more layers to peal.
Nothing more to blowup.

Nothing left to steal,
The blood, chokes me up.
You make it into a meal,
Continue to sail on the shallop.
Black heart in a veil,
Still far from the final stop.

It may not be a great deal,
And I try to pull the plug.
Time says will help to heal,
Life is the floor & it mops.
Someone will end this ordeal,
A flight from that perfect hilltop.

Whatever This May Come Across As

Respect what’s gone
Your attitude is callous.
Nothing comes through
From the deathly hallows.
I scratched the surface
Life turns out shallow.
Hollow from the inside
yet the shadow follows.
Means & ends are split
Like a cut marshmallow.
This makes no sense
Left my mind fallow.
The sun smirks and life
Hanging from the gallows.

And it rained that night

And it rained that night.
A blessing in disguise,
Could hide my tears,
As you walked away.
Each drop fell heavy on me
Each full of memory
Falling to the ground
Blue skies now dark
And black, dissolving
Into nothingness.

And it rained that night.
When you said we were
Not meant to be. I asked,
Why is it raining then?
And you walked away, slowly.
As it poured on me…

I felt I have been there before
And I wasn’t wrong. I was,
I was there, I was there.

And it had rained that night,
When I first told you,
What I feel about you.
The world was falling
Upside down,
And in that slipping sand,
Bloomed our love.

And as it rains again,
My heart is drowning,
No one to look after it,
As you move away, so did I.

Between Gray And Other Colours

The spoken lies
The blatant truth
The game of love
is nothing but a truce.

I ask you a question
You reply by one…
I wait for a sign
You paint the town red.
I tell you what I feel
You tell me what I don’t..

The spoken lies
And the unsaid truth
What’s a greater tragedy?
You not being with me
Or Me living
with you nowhere in sight.

I ask you a question
Its like a script
I know what you would say
Hopelessly in hope
You don’t disappoint
And I am proud

I don’t wish anymore
For wishes don’t come true
Unless I make them
I am lazy
No one can change that
You tried and failed
I never tried.

An experiment

Yes it affects me
What all you say.
I hope you suffer
Thats all i pray.
Your fallback
sunshine, make hay.
Its cold outside
But not yet gray.
What you gained
Will have to pare.
Life is a balance
Our options weigh.
The world of equals
We have our share.
This is a reality
Not trying to scare.
Peeled off your skin
Layer by layer.
Will see in the end
How you and I fare.

The mood

I cant stop grinning
Much to your chagrin.
The face is now aching
Heart filling up to the brim.
The insides are burning
The mood is not yet grim.
Although, its fast growing
The beard needs a trim.
I wish you were thinking
Of not making a prim.
If done with the accusing
Standup & accept your ruin.
What were you thinking?
I am extraordinarily dim.
Accuse me of cheating
Watch me go over the rim.
Kick someone else now
With your fancy and your whim.

The circle

Of course this wont stay forever
What we have between us.
I know this maybe just a fever
Will peak out soon and pass.
But this is the season’s flavour
Affecting the heart and the mass.
Share the hurts of each other
The society of the rejected ones.
I am a dart but you’re no board
Yet everyday I rip you apart.
I feel the guilt in my heart
but wince and resign to love.

What’s lost.

It was like spring in winters
When I first saw you
was nervous, couldn’t stop the jitters.
I think you saw that too?
The bag on my shoulders
Heavy as it could be
But couldn’t make me fritter.
Your smile carried me along.
Loomed large and got creepier
Was the thought of leaving you behind.
Stopping time was trickier
And I had no time to try.
You have stamped me forever
And I miss your supple touch.
Hopelessly I sank in those eyes of yours.
But I swam, as you held my hand.
I still feel your ribs like never
It was difficult to leave you and go.

Wasted years

Disappointed I am
With the way you think,
About what we were,
And what you now inked.
(Feel like) I’ve wasted my life,
Tryin’ to keep you in the pink,
Wanted to buy you happiness,
Maybe diamonds, even mink.
‘That’ll never work, never,’
Said the bloody shrink.
I’d thrown it all, darling,
My everything in your rink.
But you turned professional,
Pushing me off the brink.
Do you ever feel guilty?
Do you even stop to think?
The rubbish you spout,
Does nothing but stink.

I don’t feel much now

It’s hard to say good bye
But I dont feel much now

It’s all in the moment passing by
But I don’t feel much now

I feel like I could also cry
But I don’t feel much now

It’s long before we meet again,

but I will try.

Don’t know why I thought of you
Dont know why I saw you again..
Don’t know why I left you again

Bitter feelings leave a smile on my face
And I disconnect from the world

I am living life on a slow pace
By the day I am getting cold.

Don’t know if I will feel love again
many heart breaks on the road for sure

But I don’t feel much now.

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