Between Gray And Other Colours

The spoken lies
The blatant truth
The game of love
is nothing but a truce.

I ask you a question
You reply by one…
I wait for a sign
You paint the town red.
I tell you what I feel
You tell me what I don’t..

The spoken lies
And the unsaid truth
What’s a greater tragedy?
You not being with me
Or Me living
with you nowhere in sight.

I ask you a question
Its like a script
I know what you would say
Hopelessly in hope
You don’t disappoint
And I am proud

I don’t wish anymore
For wishes don’t come true
Unless I make them
I am lazy
No one can change that
You tried and failed
I never tried.


One thought on “Between Gray And Other Colours

  1. Daniella (@PagliLadki) December 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm Reply

    Its beautifully raw and honest sir.

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