When you get an email like this one

It is not very difficult to define the feeling. But I won’t. I want to be selfish with this one. Below is a letter sent by a student. Life feels complete. 



Hello Sir,
Aaj aapka paper Hua. And accha Hua. I am satisfied with hopefully the examiner will be too and even you once the marks come.
Well apart from that, certain acknowledgements, apologies, well wishes and promises are in order.
Starting with the good things. Thank you. A zillion times for the good three semesters and abundance of non academic knowledge you have given. There are times when I have quoted you and have appeared smart and knowledgeable enough for people to appreciate my mass media education which earlier had been looked down upon. Thank you for certain life lessons and yes obviously the education that has been provided by you.

The well wishes. Hope your health remains well. Good luck for Project Hope and your education in the United Kingdom. If all goes well then probably I might follow you to London next year. 

The apologises. Sincere apologises for any mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly and if any trouble has been caused to you.

Finally the promises. I promise to work hard, become more sincere and grow. A promise to keep your teachings in mind always irrespective of what I do. A promise for a paragraph in my autobiography if ever published. And finally a promise to keep in touch wherever I am. Itna jaldi aapka peecha nahi chodenge sir.

P.s. Phew that is one long mail. Longer than probably my answered even. 



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