Why I hate Nokia all the more now.

To begin with, I am fan of Nokia. My last Nokia phone was the 6600 and before that, 8250 and 3310. After 6600 I lost my love for the company. Not because it wasnt a great phone. I loved it. But, because of the policies that Nokia adopts to ridicule its customers.

With the Lumia series, I thought Nokia would have changed itself and won’t take the customer for a ride. It turns out, I was wrong. Again.

I have been waiting for the Lumia 800 since the day it was announced. Bunked office and went to book the phone the moment bookings opened. Tracked everyday when the phone is
launching and was the first one at the store to take the delivery.

nNow, Dear Nokia, the price of your Lumia 800, at Rs 29,999 ( $577) is pretty steep. And I come from using an iPhone4. Yet I decided to pay this money to buy this phone. Because I love Nokia and the WP OS truly is amazing.

And this is how you care for your customers?

Just a couple of months after launching the phone, you launch a bigger and better phone, the Lumia 900, in the US. Exclusively.

People talk about the brand loyalty and customer loyalty. I want to ask where the company loyalty towards its customers?

The early adopters of Nokia Lumia 800, the phone, you are supposedly betting your future on, are being treated as a second class citizens.

I dont really care about the dual core processor but a front facing camera and a better battery is missing on Lumia 800 yet people are paying through the neck.

Because its Nokia’s comeback phone and all the fans want to be a part of the success story.

And this is how Nokia responds to us. By launching a bigger and better phone exclusively in the US just 2-3 months after Lumia 800’s launch.

Nokia’s comments that the phone will be priced aggressively clearly shows that Lumia 800’s price will be slashed going forward.

Clearly, Nokia has no regards for its customers who believed in the company and waited to buy Lumia 800 and 710 for such high prices.

I feel stupid that I was so excited about the phone and spent a fortune to buy it when the company doesnt value its customer.


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