Why I don’t like WP Mango

I have been waiting forever to lay my hands on the Nokia Lumia 800. Have been tracking WP Mango for a long time. Now as I have the phone for over a fortnight, I am loving it, but not quite.

The issue is, I love the OS for the Live Tiles and the People’s Hub. And this is where the problems begin. Live Tiles are awesome but developers are not really making use of the immense possibilities with it at this point in time.

Even Windows Phone isn’t, for that matter. Case in point”: If I get an sms the Messaging Live Tiles shows the number 1. If the People’s hub can show pics of my contacts in a 3×3 grid why can’t messaging? Why doesn’t it flip the picture of the person who has sent the sms? Same with calls.

Expecting app developers to make full use of this OS when the makers themselves aren’t. Worrisome.

Anyway, this is my opinion.

My second and last grudge with the OS is the absence of push notifications in the Me Tile.

Now, the idea of one stream of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is compromised because of absence of push notifications.

Why should I open the Me Tile swipe right for notifications and wait for the phone to tell me if there are any mentions on Twitter or on Facebook?

Now, to solve this issue, we have to rely on third party apps like Seesmic which gives push notifications for Twitter. This means, that if someone tweets to me specifically, the phone will alert me right then. If the Me Tile had this option push notifications, then the possibility of a third party app would have been greatly reduced.

Because it doesn’t do that, I have installed Seesmic which notifies me if there is a tweet mentioning me. With this, I have actually doubled my social networks on the phone.

The People’s Hub also has my entire stream and just for the notifications, I have Seesmic, which again gives me my Twitter Timeline.

And same goes with the Facebook app. It gives notifications hence downloaded.

So now, I have the Facebook app, the Twitter app (Seesmic) and the People’s Hub. The need for Facebook app and Twitter app would have been nullified (in my case) only if Microsoft had given push notifications in the Me Tile.

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