The purpose of this blog has changed over the years. What it stands for today? I dont kn. It is still undergoing changes. I think of writing something but refrained thinking that someone might get offended. What should i do… this has been my personal space, and people who know me do feel upset or joyed if i mention somthin about them….

today is valentine’s day… honestly, i never believed in this day and at the same time dreamt of celebrating it everytime. I am all alone today, a personality so flawed that i an even afriad of making new friends. I have made a lot of mistakes and continue to do so. tears have stopped flowing. they too are tired. like me. where am i? i dont kn.

people who know me in an out, too are at a distance, coz I harm, hurt and make them suffer.

One thing that i have noticed about my life… earlier, when i wanted to be alone, i was always with friends, so many i couldnt even remember their names; and today, when i want to be with them, i m all alone.

dont for how long this will continue. I am afraid that i ll get used to this. DOnt know what to do… there are days together when i dont utter a single word… being quiet is not a choice but i dont have any other option..

I need help. I need to be with friends, i need someone who could be with me despite my million flaws… is that possible? i dont think so.

a burden i cant let go,
someone, please unload me
… i m choking.

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