at every step, every juncture, i have failed. two people can be diagonally opposite but what makes the relationship work is that they love and learn to adjust with each others shortcomings. They learn to hold hands and walk when one of them halts. They learn to speak when the other cant.

I may be bad, intentions crooked, aim unrealistic… but loved unconditional.

two sides to a coin, one yours and one mine. which is more correct or more wrong, i m no one to decide… but you are correct I kn. Tried to make evry attempt to change my way. failed. even if i believe that i was changing.. you dont and that is what matters.. change was for me.. but more importantly its for you. With my actions, I m hurting you, every second and couldnt give u a single day of happiness. Life to me is seing a smile on your face and makin you feel that i love you.

may be we wont talk again, may be i ll get back to waht I was, or may be i ll remain waht I am as I may nt have changed at all… whaterver it amy be… My intentions have always been pure, my feelings, sacred.

Havent had a easy life and not blaming anyone for that but myself. May be the sins of my past life will haunt me forever. May be I did something very horrible to someone in my past life taht this is what i got. Dont want to hurt anyone else for my misdeed, I let go of things.

When I wanted to be alone, I never was. and today when I want to be with you, I am not allowed to.
Already sufferin from the punishment for things i did to you, minuscule as compared to waht u went through. Remember you as a breathe of fresh air in my life. Now on, i am choking to death.

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