Help in finding a lost camera!

okay guys we all know how much we love finding lost phones (expensive ones expecially!) and other articles. But please please think about the ordeal the person goes through who loses the stuff… Could be you someday.. so lets change our age old habit and lets try to help out this girl who lost her camera. I know its next to impossible but we can do our bit atleast.

here is what she has to say:

I have lost my camera, An expensive DSLR -Canon 400D, in a black camera bag in an autoriksha in Andheri, it is extermely important that i get it back, EXTREMELY.
i have already approached the cops and the auto union, they all laughed at my possibility of getting it back. Hence, im attempting these alternative methods. I request you to please, please pass this on to as many people as possible.
Also if u have a blog, work for the press or can put this request up anywhere else, i request u to please, please help.
Thankyou so much, y’ll!
Contact- Shubhangi singh-9820665691

Gear up for a mission!!

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