We all know hows Indian employers still need to mature and understand the ground realities. HR “professionals” in India feel that they are the ones sealing the fate of the employees and this mindset has a disastrous effect on the organization’s image and its market value, but for the HR, tis just another way of showing its muscle power!

We all know that no organization can hold back any employee if he/she wants to quit. But companies are now framing policies with such precision that being under the purvue of legality, they harass the outgoing employees to the core not realizing the fact that this will surely hamper its market value and as the word spreads, less people will join the company and their costs will increase manifold.

This is in context with one such organization I am associated with at this point of time and I vow that I will never come back to it ever in my life again. Media being a very different field where contacts and connections hold more importance for hiring anyone, I can guarantee (and I know most of you will agree with me) that in near future this behavior of this sick organization will have a cascading effect on itself.

This post is meant to be read by people and I really don’t care if these guys also read it and stop my final dues and relieving letter. (Trust me I have been threatened for the same!).

I have two basic questions. If an employee joins a new company and feels that the HR mislead him with certain details (important ones) and at the same time he doesn’t like the work assigned or the way its done, what he should do? limp or quit? I quit.

Second question is about the company policies and HR’s stand on certain issues (keep in mind their muscle power!). This place has this strange policy of not giving you your “quiting month’s” salary and making the final payment (including notice period money and a months salary which you weren’t paid as u resigned in that month) 45 days after your last day.

Insane I call it.

An effective way of holding back an employee! i love at the speed and cunningness their minds function. Got to learn a lot from these guys I tell you.

Now the HR’s stand, During my earlier job, I covered HR and I know that the dept is thr to take care of its human resources and to make their lives comfortable. Here, its opposite, at this place the HR is about harassing the employees and making sure that the company policies are adhered to howsoever insane or rigid it may be. Flexibility or taking care of employees interest doesn’t hold anything for these guys.

I pleaded to them that please don’t hod back my this month’s salary as I m in dire need of money and mind you i quit on the last day of the month and they say that they give salaries on the 5th of every month but they never reach any employee before the 15th and I was told that appraisals too happen at a minimum of 6 months after the due date.

Nope, My plea was rejected. The reason: Its been only a month now and i have already put down my papers. This made me ask another question about an employer and an employee relationship.

How do we bond and create relationships? Think of two scenarios. First, they understood my plea and gave me my hard earned money on its due date. I ll go out and tell my friends how good this place is and how much they care for their employees, new or old is not a concern.

Scenario two: They reject my plea and I tell my friends in media about this place and obviously they all will think twice before joining this place and everyone wants to work at a place where work conditions are good and the management is responsive.

And in media we always see people going back to their previous offices but this is one such place where u swear that coming back will be one hell of a situation.

Anyways, I ll continue with my fight here and hope that you guys stay away from such crooked offices.

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