RIP techie shubh

I can’t even imagine where my life is heading… Imagine the Football world cup and the Zidane head-butting fiasco. Ditto for me. No, I mean I wasn’t unlucky enough to be brought down on earth by the man himself but you can say that I used it as a metaphor! So today, I “metaphorised” the famous strike!

What happened to me? Well, you know I was never a geek. Never. And I wont be, ever. Studies and me are like Arjun Singh and Venugopal Rao. Never in the same frame. I am still amazed how I managed to wear the graduation robe (no i did not steal and sport it, i earned it!). Oh, I studied BMM! hahaha.. yeah yeah i kn.. I got the answer.

After so many makeovers ( people used to say that I look like a geek!) I now look like a goon. Not a perfect one though but very far from a geek.

But alas, as we say that destiny like a spitted chewing gum stuck on your head. I am in the making of a tech geek.

My latest assignment as a journo is to cover technology. FUCK. A TECH GEEK.


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