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I dont C L

has anyone noticed the ICL? The rebel league begun with much fanfare, garnered noted sponsors but heading nowhere. In Indian Cricket, I have highest regards for Kapil Dev but I think he has got himself in a wrong position here. Born with the intention to give more opportunities to budding cricketers (read: making money through Cricket!), ICL has actually ruined the careers of many young players as the BCCI has distanced itself from the league and ICL players will not make it to the national side, ever. Moreover, the ICL has actually become the earning opportunity for a lot of retired or thrown out players in the world arena. Inzamam, Lara, Cairns, Mcmillan to name a few.

So what exactly is the ICL achieving in the process? Playing o just three substandard grounds and ‘nurturing’ cricketers… I beg to differ. Time and again we have accused the BCCI for not doing welfare for the players and then we see corporate India in the likes of Zee jump in the game for support. The end result: BCCI launches IPL, a much bigger, grander and magnanimous event sweeping away literally all the money corporate India could ever throw at Cricket in India. Zee, actually speaking has come out as a big loser in the game. Ruined lives of young cricketers and making the game a visual blunder as no one wants to see the retired brigade to run like pregnant ladies and bat like walking with a stick in hand…

On the other hand, I genuinely thank Subhash Chandra for giving us the ICl, otherwise, there wouldnt have been any IPL! The names are confusing and similar to the extent that CEE and PEE sounds similar and rhyme too… (I CEE U PEE or I PEE u CEE) Dont even bother to think what i meant by that! honestly, dont.

Thanking ICL, and eagerly waiting for the IPL to start, this cricket fan is hapy o be born in this era when Cricket is at its peak and many more peaks are left to be conquered but in sight of victory. Everyday is a bliss anc everyday with Cricket is pure heaven. Long live the sport.

Moneystorm on Indian Cricket!

Money is raining on Indian Cricket and cricketers are getting wet! I bet an umbrella is the last thing on thier minds in this particular rain. Dhoni is bought for Rs 6 crore Muralitharan for 2.4 crore, Shane Warne for Rs 1.8 crore and Adam Gilchrist for Rs 2.8 crore, among others and the bidding is still in process.

I think the credit for this mega hailstorm must go to the Zee group, for, they were the ones who broke out with this innovative idea and BCCI jumped on the bandwagon. The winner, undoubtedly is the Cricket and Indian Cricket especially. With the kind of money everyone is making from IPL, we will be seeing a lot more wide colgate smiles on everyones faces very soon. Oh! smiles are already flashing!
In this war for Cricket, the entertainment value for the game will be at an all time high and a new era in Cricket is knocking at the door steps for India.

I particularly feel sorry for the Zee group and Kapil Dev, for they thought of corporatising Cricket and making huge money out of it and for the cricketers, who, otherwise had no career left and no options to make money. However, the real spinner in this case too has been the BCCI!

I hope with the IPL, the money flowing in the bags of BCCI will see some good done for Indian Cricket. BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world, with more than 80 percent of the revenue of ICC being generated in India, we have the worst stadiums in the world. Even in this age, our stadiums have poor infrastructure and even the score boards are manually operated. This is just one example from the list and I hope that BCCI will pay heed to the crumbling cricketing infrastructure in India.

All said and done, I dont have high hopes as the Chief of Indian Cricket is a politician and we all know what are Indian politicians are better known for!

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