The WeChat group blast!


I would have Manmohan Singh, Navjot Singh Siddhu, Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Aamir Khan and myself in the WeChat group.

I think this is the most explosive combination of randomness one can ever think of. Imagine, a sardar who doesn’t speak versus a sardar who won’t stop. Narendra Modi will troll Obama for not letting him  visit the US and Aamir Khan will be busy figuring out how can WeChat be more methodical than his acting preparations.

I will just be the moderator of this absolutely cracker of the WeChat group. As a guest member, I will also add Rahul Gandhi to the group. Manmohan Singh will pronounce him bigger than Obama and Gandhi will pay Rs 1000 to Modi. One just has to sit back, relax and see the fun that will unfurl.

There is no dearth of topics for them to talk about. Obama will help Manmohan Singh in write a speech but it will be a problem as our PM doesn’t open his mouth. Rahul Gandhi will also fail at it because he doesn’t believe in pre-written speeches and always makes a fool out of himself. Singh won’t have this luxury as he doesn’t need to speak to come out stupid.

At this point, Modi will start giving a fiery speech which will shut up everyone. Obama will troll Modi with the American visa rejection letter for the Gujarat CM.

Aamir Khan will be busy noting everything down to use as the basic premise in his next film. I will live tweet this WeChat group’s absolutely hilarious events.

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