Project Hope. Day 1.

What a day this has been. I am still not able to understand what hit me. So touched (figuratively) by the love I got today.

What is Project Hope? Click here.

Special thanks to the seven people who contributed today!

As promised, I have created the excel sheet to update with the investments. Some of them do not want to be identified so I have kept all names a secret for now.

Will figure out a way to sort this out soon. Learning on the way.

I started out with a target to get 1000 people to be a part of this. Got seven on day 1. 993 more to go!

The deadline for Project Hope is May 1. Which is 106 days away.

Every day 10 people and I am totally cruising. 🙂

Seems a daunting task but what can come in between our goals and the resilience to cross the line?

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