The iOS 6 Conundrum

Last night we saw Mactards rise from the ashes again in a bid to regain their control over the stupidity quotient over the Internet.

Apple was announcing the new version of iOS dubbed as ‘iOS 6’.  I went through a couple of stories to check what new Android feature has Apple copied that is making the fans orgasm so much.

Here’s the link of the story I referred to:

1. Passbook.
Now Apple lets you see your bank account details on the go.  It stores everywhere detail of your checks and balances of your accounts in a safe and secure way.  Oh wait,  that’s not what this passbook does.

This one stores your flight tickets,  loyalty card details,  etc.
Masterstroke: calling it Passbook. And guess what? Android doesn’t have this inbuilt. (Did Apple really manage to think something original for the iPhone?

By NOW Mactards are going this

We have apps to do this. Don’t see a reason why this is a big deal. Anyhow,  moving on.

2.  Maps
Apple to give its own internally developed maps.  Yes, have ditched Google Maps.  Wait, what?  They were using Google Maps all this while?  ROFL.

3.  Attach photos in emails
Dear Mactards, welcome to 2008.

4.  Do not disturb
Basically,  if you don’t any calls,  etc, while you are asleep you can use this feature. It will remind you later to read those messages or make those calls.

For a much easier functionality,  it’s called the ‘silent mode’ in all phones.  Selling it as a top feature is a masterstroke only Apple could think of.  And the reminder thing.. Yeah we have notifications for that. iOS guys got notifications like last year so I guess they haven’t figured it out yet hence this new feature.

As it turns out, the biggest surprise in iOS 6 was The Stig at the WWDC event! Oh wait, he is not replacing Siri? Damn.


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