Dear Sachin, please don’t ruin it.

Yes, it is not about Sachin’s 100th 100 anymore. Its about a player who is out of form for a year but yet he is not dropped. If Sachin is not bigger than the game then he has no business continuing in the team till he gets his form back. Simple.

And do not give me stats about his mahanta. He is a legend. But everyone has a shelf-life. Everyone. If you want him to play because of a legend that he is, buy an IPL team and buy him out. National team is not about past glory.

I am a Sachin fan. But I want to keep only the good memories of his play. Unfortunately, he himself is ruining it.

One thought on “Dear Sachin, please don’t ruin it.

  1. shaleen March 19, 2012 at 4:58 pm Reply

    i am not really sure who else is ‘in form’.. when an entire team is carrying on only at the mercy of prayers of its fans, what’s the harm in letting one more gentleman continue.. at least, he making new records, is giving moral support, and more importantly, raking up TRPs!!
    and by the way, as much as the whole team winning a match or a series, a nation’s accomplishments may also be very well measured by an individual’s performance..
    just consider this, today the world — ok ok, the small cricketing world of only 15-16 countries — is talking about an INDIAN achieving an extraordinary feat, which no one has done before, and is unlikely to any time soon

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