A match washed out, and so the hopes

I read in the paper sometime ago that Dr DY Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai is one of the best in the world. This wasn’t an excuse for me to go for the India Australia match on Nov 11 though.

Mumbai-November-absolutely no chance of rain-good stadium-charged up series-a perfect atmosphere for a high adrenaline Cricket match. I took an off from work and was all set for a blissful day of cricket under lights.

Could anyone tell me what this Phyan means? WHY, just WHY did this cyclone was to hit Mumbai on Nov 10-11? Money wasted, day wasted.

And you know what bad luck is? You do? I bet you don’t. Read this:

We reached the stadium at 3 and the covers were on, it was drizzling then. Umpires came out by 4, inspected the pitch, ground and a miracle happened. The groundsmen started to remove covers and rollers worked overtime to drain out the ground. Match was about to begin.

The rain had stopped although heavy clouds continued to cover the ground.

At 5, it started to drizzle again. But I guess this was it and the umpired decided that its time to call it off.

Since then it hasn’t rained a single drop. This is bad luck.

I seriously pity McDonald’s, who couldn’t cash on this opportunity to make some extra money. All their preparations too, were washed out.

And I request BCCI to please please please refund the money. Not a single ball was bowled and the players didn’t even come out of their hotels.

I spoke to RJ Neha of Radiomirchi. She did put me on air and I gave a live report of what was happening on the ground. I asked her to appeal to BCCI from all of us to refund the money. The last I heard was that BCCI was thinking about this. Fingers crossed.

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