A double century and going stronger

All the cricketers in the world be envy of me! Just 4 days short of a magnificent double century with no indications to halt or stop, I am one lucky chap.

To my sooper-lovely, ultra- beautiful, and ekdum mast gf… I looooooove you…
I know that you have to “bear” with this devil and trust you are doing a fab job! I am quiet ok also!

Every nano-second, milli-second, and the smallest unit possible of time, I think of you you and only YOU. Whatever I am today, its coz of you and whatever I ll be tomorrow, it ll still be coz of you.
You are that inner power in me which makes me fire all cylinders! You are my inner self which makes me what I am. You are my soul which defines me and make me worthy of this beautiful life.

You are the fragrance which freshens my life. Its you you and only YOU which makes me complete and its you who has told me what love is.

I bet today Hanuman will be jealous of me as you are present in me more than Shri Ram in him! 🙂

Been two years and feels like just two minutes… My dea love… looking forward to make these two minutes into infinite lovely and memorable moments with you.

Just for you… I Love You.

One thought on “A double century and going stronger

  1. M.D August 22, 2008 at 9:36 am Reply

    oh gos i will die of all the unadulterated love dripping out of this article..ghosh..shubh i dint know you had such a good side…that you could actually appreciate something in life..i thought “SAB BAKWAAS HAI”…hehe

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