My mornings have changed

Its been a drastic change to my daily schedule… A good night sleep seems like thing of the past. And days are turning gloomy with each passing second. Everyday morning I get up early in anticipation of knowing if the previous day was successful. I get up nervous, sweating, banging my head on the walls somehow manage to grab the paper and whoosh! its a bad day.

No astrologer can predict the day I will have as I write the future everyday and get up early to check out the script. turns out bad everyday.

Its discomforting. Am I bad or its just a space constraint? This has become the only question that lingers in my mind… the only one. And honestly, I dont know. I really dont know what the problem is…

I have never in my life experienced peer pressure, this is a damn first time and believe me its very demanding. I am not saying that I have given up. I havent and I will not. I can handle it but just to be in the league without wasting much time is I guess the root problem.

I really need someone to tell me that its ok… Just carry on the way you are. Its just a phase, everyone has the same problems when they start out. I want someone to just believe in me and help me cross this bridge.

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