something was amiss for a long time… and today’s the day! when things will be back to normal again, when my mornings will be as beautiful as ever, when my days will be filled with a sweet voice and when again she will be there to pick up my calls whenever I call… till now… i said.. sumtingwong.

Today I also happen to complete my first week at my new job. I am enjoying it but at the same time I can feel the drastic change in my schedule and work life. Its not the same and it will never be the same again.

WHen I look back today, its been only a week and I have made more mistakes then I thought I would. Its not a heartening feeling but I guess this is called the learning process. or better, on-the-job training. I too, had a simple wish of starting off with a bang but have been limited due to my inexperience.

The feeling is dampened for sure and I am upset. May be I am asking too much from my own noble self. May be I am over reacting to this initial failure.

One thing is for sure, i cant go down from here as I have already hit the rock bottom. The only place left to explore it “up”, “up” and “higher up”…. sky sky oh dear sky.. wait for me as I learn to fly… 🙂

But as they say in chinese… sumtingwong (some thing is wrong!!)

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