Wish I was God’s own child

Sometimes I feel why am i not that lucky, why am i not among the ones who are happy, why am i not the whom life would be happy with, and why am i not God’s own child…

There is nothing left to me now. Its all getting over slowly. The ones whom I want to be close to are too far, the ones whom I want to love dont understand me and the ones who are left with me are in the same boat. Life plays funny games and without our consent makes us a part of them.

Here is a word for life…. LEAVE ME ALONE. I am sick and tired of the games you play and its high time that you give me some time to be with myself, alone. I am shattered beyond comprehension and no one is there with me to u nderstand what I go through every second. I am tired of the hide-n-seek you are playing with me.

I have given up.

2 thoughts on “Wish I was God’s own child

  1. honey October 3, 2007 at 8:05 am Reply

    hey bro!!!have u heard the song “when the goin get’s tough” well listn to it if u havent…… hehehehehe!!! tht will cheer u up…… n u r not the unloved child of god….. coz if u were trust me life wld b mch tougher…. god loves u more than u think he does coz he is gvin u a opportunity to test urself as a person …… whn all is not happenin as u wnt it to it jst means tht u hv to go around thngs n mk thm work fr u… dnt b so rigid n stubborn n bitter…. if life laugh’s at u … u jst laugh rght bk …ok… its not tht bad try to b happy at all times ….. n never gv up…… look thnk abt it as it could hv been worse…. bt its not….. b happy… u only hv 1 life if u dnt live it well thn u r jst wastin it…. so live life to its fullest… n yeah dnt gv othr’s too mch of importance in ur life at the end of the day its jst u…. wth urslf so knw urslf n like urslf… trust me its worth it…. love frnship n family will always b thr smway or the othr……bt at the end of the day whn u gt home u kiss ur mum good night u wish ur sweethrt sweetdreams u tell ur frnds the plan fr the nxt day n…. look into the mirror at urslf…… thy r not thr it’s jst u wth u….. if u love urslf u love god whch resides in ur heart n thn god gv’s u the love right back… try it!!!!

  2. Renu October 30, 2008 at 2:46 pm Reply

    Hi, happened to come across your post, since I wrote one with an almost similar title. 🙂 Mine is not so despondent thoughThought you would like to read my take on it.renu

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